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We take infection
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CBIG is committed to providing your team with the right solutions to further reduce the spread of harmful viruses and bacteria.

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Sterile Processing Department
Our SPD Solutions maximize your efficiency while saving you money. Our equipment take up less space and use less water and chemicals.
UV-C Devices
By offering the most extensive choices of UVC on the market, CBIG has the ideal system to fill the need of any facility looking to reduce viral and bacterial load on surfaces.
Air Purification
CBIG offers a wide array of FDA 510(k) compliant air purification systems designed for use in hospitals and healthcare facilities.
Disinfectant & Wipes
Our range of multi-surface disinfectants and wipes are approved for use in hospital and non-hospital settings. Our products are EPA-Approved to kill SARS-CoV-2.

Departments we serve.

Partner with the company that is elevating the standard for infection prevention in healthcare systems across the country.

Sterile Processing

Our solutions maximize your efficiency while saving you money. Our equipment take up less space, while also using less water and chemicals.

Infection Prevention

With a range of innovative infection prevention products, we have a solution for every department, need and objective, budget size, and facility type.

Facilities Management

Increase your efficiency and room throughput with EPA-Approved disinfectants, wipes, and additional solutions for your facilities and EVS teams.

Creating a healthier world together.

Whatever the need. Whatever the budget. We have a solution. We are a team you can depend on in uncertain times.

Our solution-driven process.

Although each facility is unique, these are typically the key phases:

Discovery Meeting

The first step is understanding your department's goals and budget. Our team will meet with you and your staff directly to move into KPI and product identification.

Product Identification

Our team will work with you to identify which product will best support your team. With a wide range of infection prevention products, we can tailor the solution to your team.

Effective Training

Our team provides product training onsite at your facility, as well as offers service training for our Skytron products for clinical engineers and biomedical staff.

Ongoing Support

Whether you need additional products for your department, or need to schedule a service technician, your account manager at CBIG is available to offer ongoing support.

Trusted to help reduce the spread of infections.

Flex Ultrasonic Washer Disinfector

Clean all ultrasonic approved instruments in one cycle.

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Skytron UV Devices

Single-cycle, whole room UV disinfection.

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Let's reduce the spread of germs together.

With a solution to fit every budget and need, your team can trust CBIG to be your infection prevention partner.

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Protect your patients and staff.

Each of our product lines work together to give you precisely what you need: efficiency, versatility, reliability and cost savings. Each delivers superior performance, allowing you to keep your focus on the patient.


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Partner with the team that is helping reduce infections around the country.
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