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BioXco X-ray Apron Cleaner and Disinfectant, 32 oz.

$ 239.70 USD
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BioXco X-ray Apron Cleaner and Disinfectant is an EPA registered product for use in both healthcare and non-healthcare environments.

$ 239.70 USD
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Product description

Use X-Ray Apron Cleaner on washable hard, nonporous surfaces of:
  • Non-critical hospital and medical equipment surfaces: Beds Hospital, Bed frames, Bed rails, Crutches, Defibrillators, Gurneys, Medical Examining tables, Medical and Hospital Lamps, Rescue tools, Resuscitators, Medical and Hospital Scales, Stands, Stretchers, Stethoscopes, Walkers
  • Other hard nonporous surfaces made of: Glazed ceramic, Laminated surfaces, Metal, Plastic such as polystyrene or polypropylene, Sealed Granite, Sealed Slate, Sealed Stone, Stainless steel, Upholstery, vinyl and plastic.
Use X-Ray Apron Cleaner on washable hard, nonporous surfaces of:
  • Bathtubs, Cages, Chairs, Counters, Countertop laminates, Garbage cans, Kennel runs, Showers, Fiberglass Shower stalls, Fiberglass Sinks, bathroom and kitchen sinks, Tables, Telephones, Toilets, Toilet bowls, Toilet bowl surfaces, Tubs, Ultrasonic baths, Urinals, Walls, Whirlpool units
Use X-Ray Apron Cleaner as a disinfectant on hard, nonporous surfaces, for disinfecting of:
  • Ultrasound transducers, probes, mammography compressor plates and other hard nonporous surfaces. Will not cause swelling of transducer membrane or harm compressor plates, as a broad-spectrum disinfectant in Ultrasonic Baths and Ultrasonic cleaning units.

When used on surfaces in areas such as locker rooms, dressing rooms, shower and bath areas and exercise facilities, this product is an effective fungicide against Trichophyton mentagrophytes the athlete’s foot fungus.