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Sterling Washer Disinfectors

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The Sterling Washer Disinfector streamlines and automates the decontamination process – bringing unsurpassed efficiency and flexibility to the Sterile Processing Department.

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CBIG is the Infection Prevention Specialist, providing full-room solutions of capital equipment. Our innovative solutions reduce the risk of transmission, increase efficiency, and have a low, long-term cost of ownership.

  • Patient Safety

  • Lower Cost of Ownership

  • Increased Efficiency and Effectiveness

Product description

The Skytron Sterling washer disinfector series streamlines and automates the decontamination process of surgical instruments. With unsurpassed efficiency and flexibility, the Skytron Sterling washers reduce utility consumption and maximize usable floor space.

Product Features

Water Conservation
  • Less water and chemical usage than other washers.
Comply With Your Medical Devices IFU's
  • Edit cycle parameters to meet your needs.
Utilize Your Workspace
  • Most throughput available in limited space.